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Rules for the recreational and camping site Tonsee

This is a natural place for all friends of nudism
  1. Users of the site have to announce their arrival to the groundskeeper (reception).

  2. For the registering of visitors of permanent campers the owner of the pitch is responsible.

  3. The fees for the use of the site are regulated by the published charges.

  4. Following principles apply to the use of the site:
    1. On the lawn and the central bathing area nudist behavior is compulsory.
    2. In the camping area nudist behaviour is requested.
    3. In the restaurant area, as well as in the reception area the unclothed residence is not permitted due to hygienic reasons.

  5. The assignment of the pitch is done by the groundskeeper.

  6. Cars of all kind excluding campers must be parked on the central parking. The parking card must be installed visible. (car washing, major repairs … are prohibited). Driving onto the site is only permitted through the approval of the groundskeeper. In the lunch break or during night time peace general driving ban applies.

  7. The facilities of the campsite are tob e treated carefully. In case of damages the groundskeeper must be informed immediately. Wanton damage should be eliminated by the causer. Parents are responsible for their children, in particular for their behavior in the sanitary area.

  8. On departure the groundskeeper must be informed and the pitch must be left in a proper state. The financial expense of necessary works to restore the usability of the pitch must be carried by the causer.

  9. Strictly prohibited are the climbing over the fence, the laying out of fire places, the leakage of waste water and the littering of food or cigarette waste. It is not permitted to build antenna masts, satellite antennas, fixed fenced areas, fixed attachments and encasing caravans.
    Plant remains are to be stored only in the places provided for this issue.

  10. The night time peace starts at 22:00 and ends at 8:00 (sat 24:00 o clock – sun 8:00. Between 13:00 o clock – 15.00 o clock is siesta.

  11. Bringing pets to the plant is only permitted after notifying the groundskeeper beforehand and is subject to charges. Pets must be leashed. The owner of the animal has to prevent all possible harassement of campsite users. Wastes of animal origin have to be removed by the respective pet owners. The owner of the animal accepts full liability for the health and the adequate insurance cover of his animal. The entrainment of animals into the beach - and bathing area is not permitted.

  12. The family M. Prosch is not liable for accidents and injuries as well as lost or damaged property of the users of the campsite. The respective owner is responsible for the technically correct state of camping gear. Proof of current gas-TÜV is to be documented visible on the caravan. Bathing is done at your own risk.

  13. The connection of hoses to the central water supply is not permitted.

  14. The disposal of hazardous and bulky waste as well as to feed solar power into the electricity grid is strictly prohibited.

  15. Barbecue is only permitted on gas - or electric grills. Smoking ovens need a separate permission from the ground keeper.

  16. In case of emergency the instructions of the grounds keeper and the fire brigade is to be followed.

Police Tel.:      110 or 03375/270-0 (Police Station Königs Wusterhausen)
Fire Department Tel.:      112
Emergency Doctor Tel.:      112 oder 03546/2737-0
Next Telephone: Reception

We wish you a pleasant stay.




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